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At Branded

Bringing your project to life

At Branded Studios, one of our specialisations is to develop new content. We take your initial concept and build a professional sales package, consisting of 7-20 page pitch decks, and even concept sizzle trailers! If required, we can then take your projects to market for you, pitching to our wide array of contacts across channels and platforms.

With hundreds of pitch decks and trailers completed over the years and several close relationships with producers & commissioners, we can provide the kickstart to your idea and get it in front of the right people for you. 

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General enquires

For general enquires please contact

Acquisitions & Coproductions

We are interested in working with other production companies with a track record in the industry. We do not accept unsolicited material, however if you would like to send a very short longline about a film or TV project, we may request further details at our discretion. Please do not send us anything confidential or commercially sensitive. For more information on what we will accept,  please email

Sales and Distribution

We take some select productions on a distribution basis only. To find out more about how we can shine the spotlight on your finished project please also contact

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