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BRANDED STUDIOS join’s forces with ‘Most Influential’ Simon Sansome

Simon Sansome joins the board of the South Coast Studio, as they also announce the making of his inspirational ‘life story’.

Having worked together on many projects since the beginning of the pandemic, Branded Studios and Simon Sansome have formalised their relationship. He joins the board of the company on the same day as they announce the making of his life story; the biographical documentary ‘Access All Areas’ which documents his journey through becoming disabled and rising to fight back and inspire change for others in the disabled community.

Simon has been named one of the most influential men in disability with his charitable and media endeavours. He joins Branded’s Founder; award-winning entrepreneur and filmmaker Charlotte Fantelli and multi award winning serial entrepreneur Simon Dolan, on the companies board.

Branded Studios are known for their documentary offering, even managing to realise three features during lockdown, these include one of their in house productions; ‘Another Way’, as partnering Cinema 83 in the USA to bring two ‘Stallone’ documentaries to a global audience; ‘Becoming Rocky’ with Sylvester Stallone, and ‘Stallone, Frank That Is’ with his brother Frank and a plethora of other Hollywood Legends.

Branded have a range of upcoming projects both in the UK and the US many of which are highly secret but include documentary, factual entertainment and drama.

Charlotte Fantelli says; ‘This is a great day for Branded. We welcome on board a man who is quite honestly the most creative powerhouse I have ever met. Simon is a real asset in terms of ideas, passion and work ethic and I know, coupled with the experience of our existing board, we are an unstoppable force in the industry. I am excited to see what the future holds for Branded and cannot wait to share the documentary highlighting Simon’s incredible life.’

Simon Sansome says: ‘Branded are a very professional organisation with years of experience behind them. I am honoured to be part of a growing independent production company, that is working with Hollywood icons, world renowned music performers and the best of British actors. As a partner in Branded I have not only a front row seat but an active involvement in moving the company forward and working on very exciting projects that are going to take the tv and cinema world by storm’.

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